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It’s MY Wonderful Life: Autism Style #AtoZChallenge

I heard about the A-Z Challenge while venturing out on this blogging Staycation I took part in this past weekend and wondered…could I do it? My life does not make room for extra challenges, honestly. Blogging 26 days out of the month? That’s cray-cray! I’m an overachiever, though. Aaaand I am a little cray-cray as you’ll find out, but in a way that makes all this (waves hands wildly about) fit together. And maybe I get by with a little help, too. You’ll see. My theme for the A-to-Z Challenge? It’s My Wonderful Life, of course, but with a twist! The nuances of our everyday lives–living with autism, my insane work habits as a special education teacher, and a neurotic 4-year-old–all get included. 

It's My Wonderful Life: Autism Style #atozchallenge

I’ve scheduled out the first 4 posts already thanks to the scheduling tips I learned while on my Blog Staycation and  you’re in for a treat. I don’t want to spoil it, so I won’t. But I think my theme also ties in so well with April’s Autism Awareness Month, so I’m so happy I’m taking part in this challenge. I’m doing it all for my son, The Autism Society of North Carolina (who I’m trying to raise money for), and anyone else raising a child with autism. 

I will portray an honest picture of our lives, how we cope with autism, and the wonderment of our everyday lives as well. I hope you’ll enjoy my walk through the alphabet of My Wonderful Life: Autism Style! 




P.S. Don’t forget to take part in my Sunny Saturdays link-up this Saturday–another brainchild of mine that I got while networking with other bloggers. I hope to see some wonderful inspirational posts come of it. Lord knows some days I need it!

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